There is a God


Bismillahi ar-rahman ar-rahim


There is a God. How can there not be? We see around us the beautiful and artistic world that we live in. We see a great level of order from the sprawling galaxies and stars right down to the arrangement of electrons and protons in atoms. And for me, nothing is more complex than a living cell, the biochemical mysteries of which we are still learning and discovering.

What is my ultimate goal with this blog? Simply to be a voice that calls people (especially atheists) to God. I know there is no magical argument or line of reasoning that will transform atheists or agnostics to believers, and that in reality faith is something you feel in a deeper level of consciousness, and it is not based on logic, though it can be strengthened by rational arguments. Ultimately faith is a gift, but it is a gift that must be pursued. We all deserve that gift, but the haughty and careless lose that precious gift.

Of course this blog will focus on the various rational and scriptural arguments surrounding God. We’ll look at what philosophers had to say about this, what scriptures ahve to say about it, even what science has to offer on this subject.

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  1. Ah but we see the pixel and not the whole painting. Let’s say for example a deformed baby is born. Now one might find deformity ugly. But is the outisde physical body the whole of what makes that baby a human being? No, of course not as that baby will have a way of experiencing the world that is unique to him/her and may even have many qualities that are molded during its life and because of its deformity that are very positive.
    And to God therefore He knows the fullest extent of what He created, its personality, looks, emotions, character strengths and weaknesses. And especially if this baby grew up to be someone who yearned to be close to God, then this person would be beautiful and even have a beautiful character.
    Furthermore, creation has dualities or multiplicities. In fact it’s a kind of recurring feature: male-female, positive and negative charge, south and north pole, black and white, light and dark, hot and cold (though I know cold is just lack of heat and dark is just lack of light but there’s still a spectrum), and of course beauty and ugliness. God created contrast as part of his Wisdom for creation. Meaning that it is a necessary part of our experience and is a means for us to gain knowledge and understanding.
    If everything looked like Paradise then how could we understand what Hell is? If everything was one colour, then colour itself loses its meaning. So to understand beauty there must exist some forms of ugliness, which even if in their totality are not ugly, yet in their outward aspects teach us to appreciate beauty.


  2. The question about whether GOD exists or not is as old as man. Mankind has always sought to know the beginning of things and that search always leads to the question: who created it all? I do believe there’s a supreme CREATOR who relates with all of creation. I see life as this spiritual journey where we learn, to develop our spirits. It’s only right to connect to the Source of our spirits (GOD) as a travel guide on the journey.
    I hope you get to meet the ultimate goal of your blog. The world does need to get closer to GOD (mature spiritually). By the way, thanks for stopping by Geoidhead, the visit is much appreciated.

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    1. That’s right, I do honestly believe everyone is on a unique spiritual journey.
      People like to classify people as doomed or saved here in this life, but we truly don’t know except for obvious cases like the Prophets and Sages of the past.
      However we should take heed of Revelation, and revelation and the Prophets have informed us of an afterlife, the Resurrection, and the Judgement. These are crucial beliefs in the main Abrahamic faiths. And everyone’s life will get rewarded for its merit exactly.

      The mistake people make is to look down upon people they think are doomed, but rather they don’t know their own state at all so have no right to consider another person’s state other than for personal reflection. Like if I want to be a kinder person, a good strategy is to emulate those people I see as kind.

      Anyways, though I believe that God is involved in everyone’s life, I believe the better paradigm to describe life, is the relationship between God and the individual. Essentially every action one does is a reflection of the degree of nearness one is to his Creator. And furthermore each action itself brings one nearer or further away. This way of looking at the life is far more valuable than a generalised view that kind of dismisses the negative reality of Hell which exists and the unfortunate ones will find themselves in.

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  3. Well said Mohammed. That’s a good description of life, like the story of GOD’s walk with men. Those blessed with clairvoyance have seen times to come and have always hinted on the detriment of the excesses of human kind. I see such individuals as the light for the world. It’s only wise to take heed. However, one can force others to know GOD as It’s a personal sojourn. It’s nothing but self-righteousness when people perceive others as doomed because if we were to take into cognizance the little things like envy, jealousy, gossip, malice etc that almost everyone is prone to, then none of us has a shot at heaven or paradise. It’s pretty basic though. Anyone who wants good should do good cause evil begets evil. At the end of the day, we are either at the positive pole or the negative pole.

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    1. You’re right, it’s hard to feel secure on a high pedestal when you can be damned for just frowning at a beggar once in your life which God chooses not to overlook and forgive.
      Since we all have little and big mistakes like this we shouldn’t be arrogant.

      Having said all that it is good to be able to recognise what is spiritually beneficial and what is spiritually detrimental. Just as a hypothetical example, maybe you have a friend who has gone a dark path of a certain addiction and you’re aware of it. Shouldn’t we, if we have good guidance and advice, impart this advice to that individual? For who knows, you could be the lantern God has chosen for that particular individual.

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  4. In such an instant, shining the light for the individual going down the dark path, would be the right thing for one to do. However, this should be done in a way that doesn’t come across as judgmental but with patience, genuine concern and empathy. That way that person isn’t pushed away, farther into the darkness.

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