The ugly pixel and the beatiful painting

Bismillahi ar-rahman ar-rahim


Ah but we see the pixel and not the whole painting. Let’s say for example a deformed baby is born. Now one might find deformity ugly. But is the outisde physical body the whole of what makes that baby a human being? No, of course not as that baby will have a way of experiencing the world that is unique to him/her and may even have many qualities that are molded during its life and because of its deformity that are very positive.

And to God therefore He knows the fullest extent of what He created, its personality, looks, emotions, character strengths and weaknesses. And especially if this baby grew up to be someone who yearned to be close to God, then this person would be beautiful and even have a beautiful character.

Furthermore, creation has dualities or multiplicities. In fact it’s a kind of recurring feature: male-female, positive and negative charge, south and north pole, black and white, light and dark, hot and cold (though I know cold is just lack of heat and dark is just lack of light but there’s still a spectrum), and of course beauty and ugliness. God created contrast as part of his Wisdom for creation. Meaning that it is a necessary part of our experience and is a means for us to gain knowledge and understanding.

If everything looked like Paradise then how could we understand what Hell is? If everything was one colour, then colour itself loses its meaning. So to understand beauty there must exist some forms of ugliness, which even if in their totality are not ugly, yet in their outward aspects teach us to appreciate beauty.

{For those wondering about the context of this post, or what the heck I’m writing about, this was actually a reply I wrote for a comment I got on my first post of this blog. The commenter found it interesting that I used beauty as evidence for God and flipped it by suggesting that wouldn’t ugliness be evidence of God’s non-existence? So this post basically points out the value of ugliness and how it is only a small part of what we see and that the whole is beautiful. }


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