The Prophet befriends a poor orphan

Bismillahi ar-rahman ar-rahim

The following is an example of one of the many stories of the blessed Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) showing his tenderness and kindness and his care and love for humans, especially children. I read this story in “Irshad: Wisdom of a sufi master” by Sheikh Muzaffer Ozak Al-Jerrahi and I have just typed it out as printed in the book.

Anas ibn Maalik tells the following the story:”It was a day of festival. We had gone to the mosque with the blessed Messenger of Allah, and were returning to our houses. The children were in a festive mood, playing and chirping like birds. Our noble Master, who loved children very much spent some time watching their merriment. One child, however, was standing there sadly, observing the other children at play with no trace of joy or pleasure in his face. The Messenger of Allah went up to this child and saluted him. He asked him why he was not playing like the other children. The poor child replied: ‘My Master, today is their festival, these are their happy days. For them, it is indeed a holiday, for they have mothers and fathers, but I have no one. My father fell a martyr in battle. My mother remarried and my step-father does not look after me, but leaves me out in the street. If I had my own father I too would now be enjoying the holidays. But what does the festival mean to me! For the destitute what makes a festival is finding bread to eat, clothes to wear and shoes for one’s feet. But with my father gone, my stomach empty, my feet bare and nothing on my back, how can I play!’ The noble Messenger of Allah could not hold back his tears, which streamed down onto his blessed beard. How could it not be so when the lofty Throne was shaken by this orphan’s lament, and the sublime Pedestal became unsteady! What could he do but weep at this state of affairs, that tender being so kind and compassionate, who was sent as a mercy to the eighteen thousand worlds! It was enough to bring tears to the eyes of anyone with compassion, tenderness and faith in his heart. Stroking the child’s hair, the blessed Prophet said:’Would you like from now on to have as your father the Messenger of Allah; as your mother Aisha; as your sister, Fatima; as your brother-in-law Haydar the Valiant Lion; and for brothers Hasan and Husayn, the youngsters of Paradise!’ The child clasped our Master’s hand saying:’Are you Allah’s blessed Messenger, Muhammad?’ Our Master then took him by the hand and led him to his blessed abode.” Such is the example set by the Messenger, for the community of Muhammad to follow.



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